SHT 31 differences

There are a few different variants of the SHT31. They also vary in price. I’ve looked at the specs but can’t seem to find any differences. The adafruit (ADA2857) one is nearly double the price of the dfrobot (SEN0331) version. As I need to buy a few of these going forward is a concern. Is the adafruit more accurate or higher quality than the dfrobot version or is it just a branding premium?


Hi Warrick,

Both boards use the same SHT31 chip and communicate using I2C, so I’d expect them both to perform the same in terms of accuracy.

As far as pricing differences go that’s anyone’s guess, perhaps DFRobot manufactured a larger batch and got their prices down that way.

If both products are based on the same chip and have the same warranty then I’d say let your wallet decide unless you prefer the blue PCBs :laughing:


Great, thanks Trent.


Adafruit assembles all their PCBs in New York, but their quality control is very good. Sometimes they have improvements in physical layout but the big difference in my experience is the supporting documentation and customer support.

Df robot stuff is perfectly well made but their software libraries and customer support are no where near as good as Adafruit - which is what you’re paying for with the price from Adafruit.

It depends what kind of learning experience/outcome you’re looking for and what level your technical knowledge and skills are at as to which you should buy.


Hey Warrick,

Welcome back!

Excellent points from both Oliver and Trent. You can also check out the variants of the chip here: SHT3x (RH/T) - Digital Humidity Sensor | Sensirion