Sim7000e can't Connect to the any network

Hi everyone, thank you for the community support in the forum. I managed to get the Sim7000e to send a SUCCESSFUL text message out via the USB CP2102 adapter!! There is something about the configuration that I still need to figure out BUT it seems to like the Aldimobile sim and NOT the Telstra and Optus. I might have to investigate further but for now i can keep going with my project. It ended up to be fixing the mode to LTE (AT+CNMP=38) and CAT M1 mode (AT+CMNB=1) and supplying the board with the 5V Gnd and 3.3v from the Cp2102. Do not use an external 5V source as this proved to be no good.


Hi Song,

Awesome, glad it was helpful and that you managed to get it working! Aldi Mobile uses the Telstra network IIRC, so odd that it works with your Aldi SIM and not Telstra :thinking:

Re the power supply, yeah the CP2102s are good, they can supply a lot more current than most other USB-Serial chips, and for that reason they’re becoming the go to over a lot of the other options on the market (they’re cheap too!). LTE modules can suck a lot of juice to power the radios so having a good power supply is definitely important for these.

I was able to run mine off a USB port on my PC without issues, but having an external power source is a requirement on the botletics and dfrobot shields because the arduino Uno can’t provide much current via USB.

One other thing to note is that it’s super important you have an antenna connected when it’s powered on, else you can break the transmitter.


I’m trying to connect module sim 7000c, but i can’t. What is this error?

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Hi Ta,

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This error is caused by no communications back from the SIM module, this could be cuased by a bad connection, or if the module isnt powered up.

Would it be possible to send through some photos of how you have everything connected?