Project by David191372; LoRa P2P Wireless Gate Alarm

I have just shared a new project: “LoRa P2P Wireless Gate Alarm”

IntroductionMy front gate is a long way from the house at around 300m. I don’t want people wandering around my property without knowing about it.  This project uses two Raspberry Pi Pico’s and two LoRa modules. One standard Pico is …

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Hey David,

What an awesome project! I love that you are also logging when the gate is opened and closed, its an awesome idea for someone like me that is extremely forgetful when it comes to gates (Had a cow in my front yard once from this unfortunate attribute). Just to double check without having to physically get up and look. I just might have to build a similar set up for myself in future!


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Hi Blayden,
I’m glad you like it. I had fun making it.
The electronic side of things is very simple, It just clips together mostly, all the magic is in the software.
I’m about to release a new version of the the code that adds more details to the web page so you can easily see historic details plus huge savings in power usage on the gate module from about 6 hours to something like 72 hours. Currently the house plays a configurable number of “beeps” then stops. I could make it beep continuously until the gate is closed. Maybe a configurable option for a future update. At the moment It’s more to attract my attention to someone entering.
With a bit of skill understanding the python code it could be morphed into what ever you like. I’m just wrestling with what I think is a memory leak at the moment before I publish the next version. The current version is quite stable for people to start with.


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