Simple, flexible and powerfull data logger

If you have a Raspberry Pi 3/4 and need and data logger from time to time how about giving this project a try. I have a couple of these systems , one of which is collecting all my sensor data from round the house, weather, electricity use, low voltage garden solar supply, plus controlling several smart power sockets via schedules and Web UI. The logger uses EmonCMS opensource software plus Node-Red running on the Raspberry Pi and if all you data is via WiFi, that’s it ! If you need some IO and the pins on the Pi are not enough or you need some analog just add a Raspberry Pico . The Pico has the added benefit of allowing your to manage the Raspberry Pi’s power supply and shutdown plus easy code development in MMBasic. I have put some documentation together on my website including a SDcard image, so give it a go.
Data logger


Hi Michael,

Welcome to the forum! Absolutely awesome project!
I imagine the Pico is cheaper than a lot of external ADC’s available, tying them together is a very neat idea!
Integrating the whole system into HomeAssistant, is the cherry on top, I’d be keen to see some of the Pi’s setup :smiley: