Simple Lorawan gateway

Hi all,

I’ve recently installed a Lorawan module on my boat to monitor the battery levels remotely. While it does work to some extent, it turns out that between when I bought it and when I installed it, one of the nearby gateways has shutdown, so I’m getting very little coverage (apparently about -115db of signal strength).

I’m looking for a simple, low cost gateway that I could install nearby. It could be indoor with power, ethernet & wifi, so I was imagining something fairly plug & play. I do have an arduino board (that I’m not particularly proficient with) if that’s any help. Based in the Inner West of Sydney.




Hi Ray,

Welcome to the forum!!

That’s an interesting module/sensor!

Just before you jump into getting your own gateway I’d check if you can move piggy-back off of another gateway by moving it a bit if possible - check out TTNmapper to see the logged coverage of gateways around you.

With the recent migration to The Things Stack (TTS or TTNv3) to remove single-channel gateways so that unfortunately removes the cheaper options.
At the moment I’d say the cheapest option would be a PyGate with a WiPy onboard.
There is a bit of setup involved so I’d take a look at Pycom’s documentation:

We’re keen to see how you go!


Thanks Liam,

Sadly I can’t move it as the boat is sitting on a mooring whose position is determined by the government, not me! The only plus is that my sailing club is maybe 100 metres away, so I do have somewhere to install a gateway that I shouldn’t imagine needs to be too powerful.

I’ll have a look into the docos you linked to see if I can make some more sense of it all.