Suggestions for off the shelf LoRaWAN gateway for TTNv3

Hi all,

As indicated in my related but separate post I need to migrate my TTN connected LoRaWAN devices from TTN v2 to The Things Stack (by December 1!). It took a large amount of effort to get my existing RAK gateway working and don’t expect migrating it to be smooth. I cannot have downtime of my LoRa devices greater than a day. So I am looking to buy a second gateway off the shelf ready to go and compatible with The Things Stack (TTN v3), get that running on The Things Stack, and then migrate devices one by one. I built the RAK from the ground up but don’t wish to invest the time in doing that again, hence off the shelf options.

Devices are AS923 but makes sense if the gateway could support 915 and 923 in case I transition.

This product looks like a neat package and gives the impression it’s easy to setup and get going:

Is that my best option based on the above?



Hi Roger,

If you’re looking for something fairly plug and play then yes, but the Silicon shortage is impacting their availability. I know we have an order in for more stock, but you’d be best to shoot us an email for a quote as mentioned on the product page so you can get an accurate lead time.

That said, if your deadline is Dec 1st, you may be better to go the slightly more DIY route with one of Adafruit’s Raspberry Pi gateway kits, as these are in stock ready to ship:

They’re a bit more work to get up and running, but at least it’ll be completely within your control to meet that deadline instead of needing to wait on manufacturing.

You could also go with Pycom’s offering:


Thanks Oliver. I’ve sent an email for quote on the Laird and will compare. That LoRa kit looks similar to what I have currently and set up 2 years ago. Took a lot of learning and effort to get it set up first time, pehaps easiest the second time round :slight_smile: It would be nice to havea product where the manufacturer provides regular updates & patches etc rather than me having to DIY that.