SmartiPi Touch Pro - Small (CE07794)

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This case creates an all in one Raspberry Pi computer with a single USB-C port or Micro USB port in the back to power the components in case. The Raspberry Pi is mounted behind the display and the ports are flush with the edge of the display.

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Hi looking to buy this but can’t see how i can access the GPIO pins?

Hi Richard,

I’ve taken a look at the product page, and you’re right. There doesn’t seem to be any dedicated slot for GPIO, you might need to make your own with a Dremel if that’s something you know you need. If you need something super custom, perhaps 3D printing might be the go?

All the best with the search!

Which RAM variant of the Raspberry Pi 4 has been used in this product?

Hi Richard,

If you were still looking for a case that allows access to the GPIO the newer SmartiPi Touch 2 has a different cover that retains access to the GPIO.

Hi Rooppoor,

I’m not sure what RAM variant was used in the product photos, but the Raspberry Pi is not included with the SmartiPi touch pro case.

EDIT: I’ve noticed the photos show the blanking plate to suit a Pi 3 whereas most of the photos are for the Pi 4.
Two versions of the blanking plate are included so it will fit properly with either Pi.