Volumio - RPI 4 incl DAC Hat

I am wanting to add a screen for my raspberry pi with a Justboom DAC HAT to run Volumio. Do you think that you would have a screen and box combo that would fit a rpi 4 and Dac Hat?


Any good?


Hi Andrew,

Unfortunately, we don’t have any JustBoom DAC’s to test with in-house so we won’t be able to lock in any choices.
The Official Touchscreen that the SmartiPi is currently out of stock at the moment, but is a perfect choice if you have one on hand.
One case that will work for almost all HAT’s is the Pimoroni Noir display case.

I did a quick fitup with the SmartiPi case and the IQaudio DAC, the two boards fit in the case alright but you would run into some isssues with routing cables in the stock backplate (a rotary tool or pliers could make a nice window but that voids the warranty!)


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