Solid Shaft & Tubing for Project

Hi All,
We are working on small boat project, Iam looking at solid shaft and tubing to propel the shaft.
We are looking to use Tube - Aluminum (3/8"OD x 6.0"L x 0.30"ID) so we can use solid shafts inside of the tube to propel them with small motor to give motion to the boat.
Any suggestions of using correct size of solid shaft & tubing from core website to buy?

Thanks in advance

Hi Sheker,

We don’t seem to have any shafts and tubes that will be suitable for that purpose. Perhaps at a hobby store you will be able to find or build a propeller shaft? Our shafts seem to be wheel drive shafts, axles, and 3D printer parts. They don’t fit nicely inside one another.

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Thanks Stephen.
I called few Hobby shops and they suggest buy cheap toy & pull a part and use the shafts & tube.


Try - I bought a solid brass rod from them.

Hearns Hobbies have a variety of aluminium and brass tubes. I bought several and a small brass rod to create a larger solid rod.

Core Electronics have couplers that you can use to connect the motor and propeller and cope with different shaft sizes.


if you’re in Newcastle have a look at Frontline ( They have a range of brass and alumium tubing etc. and you can try fitting pieces together.