[SOLVED] How could I take my HC05 Module out of AT Command Mode without disconnecting the Arduino?

Hi everyone, I am trying to program my HC05 module on my Arduino Uno to change to different names based on different conditions. I’ve got it to change the name whilst it is in AT Command Mode, and have setup a relay to cut the 5V for 1 second to put the module into AT Command Mode, but now need to know how to take the module out of AT Command Mode without disconnecting the Arduino from the power. I’ve tried completely disconnecting the power from the arduino whilst it is in AT Com Mode and then putting everything back, but it recognises that it was last in AT Command Mode, so I’m hoping someone knows a command which I can send the module to take it out of AT Command Mode.

Hi Tom,

You should be able to exit out by sending it AT+RESET. Let me know how that goes.

Hi Sam, thanks for the response. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to work either

Are you releasing Pin34?

Thank you so much! By taking the Enable pin low before sending the command “AT+RESET\r\n” it takes it out of AT Command Mode! I really appreciate your help, thanks.

Got 'em!
Pin34 is how AT command mode is entered in the first place. Driving this pin HIGH enters AT mode. Naturally, if you enter the command to leave AT mode, but Pin34 remains HIGH, then the HC05 will just jump straight back into AT mode.

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Hello Micheal and Tom,
I want to ask you, because I have a project that consist on sending real time data that change every 15 seconds over the Bluetooth module. I want to put the HC-05 in the data mode during 15 seconds, and then pass it to the AT command mode and lasts also for 15 seconds. I want to do that without restarting or disconnecting the power from my board (STM32). I already tried your solution to pass from the AT command mode to the data mode, by writing a C code (function that sends the command AT+RESET\r\n) and it works fine. But I want now the HC-05 turn back from the Data mode to the AT command mode. Any help please ?

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