[SOLVED] Resetting su Password


Probably a very dumb question but what is the su password?

When I recently got the Pi, on first bootup I asked it to install raspbian. I don’t recall inputting a password.

Now I need to delete a file and create a directory but it won’t let me. I tried entering “su” in the command window but it wants a password. None of the ones I thought I would have used work.

Is there a way to elevate my default login to “su” status?

Thanks in advance.

Hey, Max. Thanks for bringing your question to the forum.

If you’re only executing a few commands at super-user permission then preface your commands with sudo eg:
sudo rm /file/i/want/to/remove

If you need root access you could simply enter
sudo su root
and bypass the need for a password.
Otherwise, change root’s password to what you want with
sudo passwd root

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Thanks for getting back to me.

I’ll use sudo command.

Thanks again.