Sorting Skittles with Arduinos

Sometimes, you don't want to bother with the Yellow skittles. It's nothing against them, they just can't match up to a handful of juicy, red ones. Maybe you are more of the M&M demographic, candy covered chocolates are still delicious and most importantly colored. Either way, surely you have thought about sorting, or even manually sorted, your candy by color in the past. Well, have I got a pointless but beautifully designed Arduino Project for you.

Cast your eyes upon this beautiful device.

Mechanical Engineer and Maker, Willem Pennings from New Zealand created this machine after being inspired by a similar project he saw on YouTube. The real difference was some core redesigns Willem made, alongside the sleek, beautifully designed housing the invention was mounted in.

The basic idea is the candy is loaded into the Hopper on the top of the unit. One at a time the candy is sorted using an RGB color sensor and an Arduino Nano, before being dropped into the corresponding 'tub' for it's color. What a great project!

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