Sound activated LED array

Hi, I’d like to make a sound activator or controller for the Charlieplex LED array
It would be great to have something easily assemblable (plus I am pretty hopeless with soldering! Any ideas?

Hey Chris,

How would you like the sound to control the LED array?
If you are wanting it to have the LEDs based on the loudness of the sound, all you will need is a microcontroller with analogue inputs (such as the ESP32 or Micro:bit) and a microphone you would just then need to relate the light intensity to the analogue signal received from the mic.

If you want to do an equaliser with intensities at different frequencies you can use this tutorial

Hi Clinton,

thanks, that’s a good angle. All I need is a simple pulse of light!

Have you worked with these before?:

or even these big ones?!

…and would these work with the ESP32 kit?



p.s. can anyone make one of these for me?!?!

Those should work though you may need a Voltage level shifter to convert from the ESP32 3.3V up to 5V.