Sound card for recording and saving to a micro SD

Hi I’m looking at putting together a device for recording memos and saving them to an sd card or other type of internal storage using a headset microphone with a TRS plug. I’m pretty sure I’d need something a bit better than my arduino uno for processing audio and was suggested by a friend to look at the dfrobot mini mp3 but that looks to be just for playing audio files.

Would anyone be able to suggest a sound card with a trs port or that I can wire one to that i could record audio to and access it via an sd card or micro sd card? And would I need to use this with an arduino or could I run it without. (Being able to play audio from would be a bonus)

Hi Nick,

I think you will want to start here:

There are a ton of tutorials on how to use this (links on the product page). It can play and record audio and has an SD card built in. You will probably need an Arduino to control it, but it should be pretty simple commands like play, record, next, rather than working from the ground up.

Let me know what you think!

Thanks for your response! Looks great just what we need!

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