Micro sound and RC

I am looking for advice on a suitable micro sound card, about 45mm x 25mm, that can be activated by a PWM signal from an RC receiver. I only require 1 sound although 2 would be better. I am looking for high quality sound so this rules out birthday card chips.
For ease of recording i want to be able to load the sound to a 2Gb micro SD card.
Operating voltage 5V dc.

Recently used this device with a Raspberry Pi Zero to play .wav files. Worked very well. PWM from Pi.
I was surprised at the sound quality.

Speaker was :-



I have a similar amplifier that I intend to use with what ever micro sized sound card meets my requirements.
The sound card has to accept a sound file on a micro SD card and i want to be able to activate that sound from a radio control transmitter and receiver. So far I have been unable to find one that can do that

Maybe a sound card like what you want does not exist. Maybe you could use these to make one.
Have used both successfully for other projects.

Maybe this would do what you want. Been thinking about this recently.
Looks interesting enough that 1 or 2 will go on my next order from Core Electronics.
It would suit a Raspberry Pi Robot Cart I made recently.
Better than using one of the PWM ports on the Pi.


Hi Jim

I have worked out an easier solution.
RCS_RC () do a small single channel sound card that is activated by RC. RCS_RC were looking for a particular sound to put on their sound card. I just happened to have the sound they were after. I have come up with a deal where I give them my sound file and they supply a sound card with the sound installed as payment. The DFPlayer looks good as well. I will keep it in mind for future projects Cheers Gary

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Hey Gary and James,

Another interesting product you could use for this where you can get a series of distinct sounds when different pins are triggered is the part below. I’ll leave this post here so if anyone sees this when they’ve got questions regarding these kinds of projects they can see more options.

Have a great day guys!

Core Electronics | Support

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