Sound Module for Action Figure

I need some help for a project that I have currently on the go. I am required to put a sound module into a 250mm tall action figure that I have created. The module is required to fit into a cavity in the back of the action figure and is no larger than 75mm tall x 50mm wide x 20mm deep.

The device itself I am guessing will consist of a small speaker, power supply, switch and small circuit board. To activate the audio would be buy a small push button switch poking out of the figures back which will allow the character to say a different phrase each time the button switch in pressed. A total of 5 phrases will be pre recorded and then somehow transferred onto the audio module. A total of 60 seconds of recordings should be enough.

I have tried a small greeting card sound module and thought it would be ideal, but it only allows one continuous recording whilst the switch in held in the on position. It then reverts back to the beginning of the recording thus not allowing multiple phrases on the device.

I have noticed a few items on the Core Electronics website, the ADA fruit Audio FX sound board, which after reading the description sound almost like what I am after, with a small LiIon lipoly battery . However, I am not an electronics expert and consider me as a beginner, so if there is a better solution to my problem please let me know.

i would use an amp like this if you type into the search bar “audio amplifiers” on the core shop page you get a listing…but this one is prolly the lest heavy duty on the battery a d series mosfet may be slightly better but it may take more space and it has more circuitry…you need to sent the output of your recorder i am not specific as to what unit u are using…all you need is to ad a speaker you can choose your self that fits the purpose best…battery well this circuit will run on 2 dime battery`s for some time how ever if it is constantly live it will draw constant power you may need a trigger action circuit in the system it could control the amp power and the recorder power depending on a design… of a control circuit…if both devices and the controller need to be controlled by the one battery then this amp module boasts 2-20 volt power so your pretty much covered …output loudness could be controlled with a simple trim pot as the output would be minimal …the battery depending on size and capacity would be the main governing factor…how large are the greeting card modules you may be able to mount 5 of them in parallel and just switch between them…i dont know as i am not in front of your devices at hand…

Reminds me of when AvE put a little Arduino clone into a cordless drill, with the intention to play a tune through a piezo speaker. Basically a haunted drill.
The video is a good yarn, and steps through the workings and wirings. It may help.

just strip down the greeting card modules to bare bones if your capable so as to remove all the unwanted circuit parts remove all battery’s and remove all speakers but one if you use 5 of them…you may want also to try modules from different cards as they will differ in size shape and design…simply set them into record mode one at a time then remove the other 4 battery’s…simply setup a 4000 series cmos gate setup switching the power every time the switch is pressed which will route power to each board one at a time so i don’t have cad or even cct design loaded but i can tell you ways to do things then if you need get somebody with cct design on their computer to revamp its design include switching or the 5 modules one at a time and switch both power and battery and speaker on each switch state… after you record your messages…if need be you could manually reprogram the sound tracks …its just an idea as the modules will all be different…food for thought…you could use an aurdino to control it all but keep it simple and less work and things to go wrong.

Recently purchased a couple of these, yet to play with them. (working on Enviro+ sensor)
From the description they might help you achieve what you want.

EDIT: Wired up the above device just now (see pic). Quite impressed with the audio quality and level.
Copied 8 .wav files to the SD card. The buttons select the next / previous (after the current is finished), holding them raises or lowers the volume. This will be used to add audio to a Robot Cart I have freeing up the Raspberry Pi from playing fixed audio files. The interface will allow the Pi to select the file to play.

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