Total newbie Diaroma Dialogue

I am a total newbie and first time poster. My daughter needs to make a diorma for school and would like to include a dialogu that she will record of approx 1min. Was thinking of using DFRobot DFPlayer PRO - A MP3 Player, with a small speaker, push button to start the dialogue and a battery source. Can anyone please advise all of the components i would need to order?

Would be so grateful for any help.


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Hi Jessica,

The MP3 player would work, but I’ll have to copy the files over etc. This one might be easier: Voice Recorder Module-breakout | DFR0745 | Core Electronics Australia as it’s got record and playback built in.

They both have buttons, but if they are a bit small then any momentary button from here: Pushbutton Switches - Switches - Components & Parts Australia woud work. Alternatively Arcade Switches - Switches - Components & Parts Australia

Just wire up the “GND” pin/hole to one side of the button and the other to the “play” pin/hole

Either would need a speaker. This one would probably do: Voice Recorder Module-breakout | DFR0745 | Core Electronics Australia
This speaker might work well Enclosed Speaker - 3W 8Ω | DFRobot FIT0502 | Core Electronics Australia but you’d have to snip off the connector to join it to the to the SPK+ and SPK-, or R+ and R- The MP3 board has stereo, so you could add another speaker to the L+ and L-, for mono, I think you can just join the L+ to the R+ and the L- to the R-

Some speaker wire (24 AWG Light Duty Black Figure 8 Speaker Cable (per M) | Core Electronics Australia) would probably be fine to hook it all up. Soldering would be ideal, but you might get away with poking the wires through the hols and twisting


Thank you so much for your help. What could i use to power it all?


Hi Jessica,

@Doug27394 has pretty much everything covered well with some top picks there.

Just to add briefly, these units are intended to be connected via the header pins which need to be soldered on. Not having access to a soldering iron makes things a little trickier as just pushing wires into place won’t give a very reliable connection that’s prone to cutting out when it is moved or bumped but it might be ok since the diarama shouldn’t have too many connections.

You can power the unit via the USB-C connector using a mobile phone battery bank, this should be more reliable than pushing wires into the Vin and Gnd holes and taping/blu-tacing them into place.

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