Sound sensors for ieq monitoring


I am building an indoor environment quality monitor based on the adafruitio_22_environmental_monitor and i want to add sound level detection.

Just wondering what the main differences are between these sensors?

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Hi Damiano :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums, and thanks for making a post!

The first one is quite a basic sensor using an Electret Condenser Mic. As you can see from the datasheet, it pretty much won’t pick up anything below 2kHz.

The second sensor is far more accurate, and can provide repeatable readings:

The third sensor is quite similar to the first, but has a few more outputs. It’s got an Analogue level output, a digital “noise present” output, and the raw microphone output - all of which are available simultaneously.

If you need objective, repeatable, and calibrated sound measurements go for the second one. If you just want to know if there’s noise, go the first or third one. For what you’re doing I’d recommend just going with the DFRobot sensor since it’s got the output you’ll need.


Thanks Oliver, great reply!