Need help with components to build a sound detector

Hi, i’m doing a side project, my goal is to create a sound detector and let the user know via lights or haptics.

At the moment, I would require an arduino microcontroller, microphones and I2S or I2C. I am not really sure if these are the components I need and my budget is $150. Once i get the microphone data, I would need to anaylse the signal to find the required signal to make the lights flash.

Could someone recommend what components I should get?


Hi Veloor,

Thanks for posting on the forum :partying_face:

An Arduino Uno is likely the easiest board to get started with and due to their popularity both the original and the cloned boards are quite inexpensive and (for the most part) identical:



I2S and I2C are serial communication protocols, though the name is quite similar, they’re actually quite different at the physical level, I2S is a serial protocol designed primarily for audio transmission whereas I2C is more of a packet-based protocol for communication between boards and is what the CE PiicoDev range and Sparkfuns Qwiic range use for those modules.

Essentially, what you need is:

  • A way to power the circuit, potentially with a MOSFET or DC relays for the lights depending on how large they are. If they’re just small 3-5mm LEDs you can likely just power them off of the Arduino with an appropriately sized resistor

  • A programmable microcontroller (such as an Arduino) with some way to communicate with the microphone, interpret the signal, and provide some form of output signal such as turning a GPIO (General Purpose Input Output) pin on or off

  • A microphone and lights for the input and output

Here’s a link to an electret mic breakout and hookup guide that should help you get started, let us know if you have any questions about it:

All the best with your project!


Thanks Bryce.