Spare RasPi HQ/GS camera housing?

Hey legends,

New to the community so be nice :stuck_out_tongue:

I am just wondering if anyone has a spare RasPi HQ/GS camera housing? I don’t need the sensor or any of the module, just the lens/filter housing. Happy to buy and pay for shipping (I am on the Central Coast, NSW). So if you have a dead unit, let me know to discuss. I’d love to source the part locally.

Alternatively, reach out if you have removed the IR filter as per Raspberry Pi Documentation - Camera. How did it go? I want to experiment with low shutter speed IR illuminated photography.


Hi @Stephen251651 - afraid we can’t help out immediately with just the housing, but would love if you kept us updated on your experiments with the IR filter.

If you haven’t voided the warranty is it really yours?

Best of luck with your projects :smiley:

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Hey legends,

Unfortunately my project got benched due to life. But I did end up voiding my warranty and flicked the IR filter off the raspi global shutter camera. It was comically easy to do :-).

Anyway, I am trying to build a DIY golf ball launch monitor (ball speed, vertical launch angle, horizontal launch angle, spin, spin-axis) using as many cheap off-the-shelf parts as possible. With not much mucking around, I was able to get the following images


As you can see in all its no-filter glory, it is probably good enough at slow speeds for some of the calculations (this would be a 6-8m chip by the way), but not good enough for fast swings.

From the official raspi forums, this chap approached the problem by taking a longish exposure time (25ms) and strobing an IR flash (400hz) and thus creating multiple exposure in 1 frame.

So now I want to build an IR flash using off the shelf gear, ideally this can be controlled by the raspi directly and integrated into the main python script (i.e strobe turn on when ball detected in zone, strobe turned off when no ball detected).

I was thinking of building an LED proof of concept first. I was even thinking about using a programmable LED strip (external power) by following this guide.

Any immediate red flags? Ultimately I need to be able to turn on/off the LED at full power in relatively short intervals to mimic very high speed camera frame rates.

Thanks for reading my musings!


What a great version zero result @Stephen251651 :open_mouth:
My intuition tells me that addressable LEDs may be a pain due to drive latency. It takes some time to trigger the LEDs.
Perhaps investigate driving the LEDs directly via a MOSFET or other fast driver.


Thanks @Michael - imagination is now the limiter with all the cheap commodity tech available for us to play with. :-). Who would have thought a cropped image on the rasbpi GS cam is good for 250’ish fps straight out of the box? It’s just awesome!

I sort-of figured the strips might be a bit slow. When recording at high fps you get all sorts of flickering from different bright LED light sources (i’ve tried a few). But I think controlling it as best as possible is the way forward with this project.

I’ve seen a couple of YT vids creating these LED strobes with MOSFETs, so I will look into it for sure. Looking forward to ordering some more gear! :slight_smile:

EDIT: looks like core-electronics has me covered with the education. Superb as usual.