IR macro photography

Hi to the community.
I need to photograph bees up close with good resolution in IR.
Need a web cam with no IR filter
with a focal length less than about 50-100mm
Or that will take a macro lens.

Here’s the challenge: spot an IR hot spot the size of a grain of salt on something the size of a bee. One can get a picture of a bee to that resolution, just struggling to do it with a camera CCD that comes with no IR filter.

Very much appreciate your help if you have a suggestion or solution.
Cheers Greg

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Hi Greg,

The Pi HQ camera takes CS-mount lenses, and with some effort, the IR filter can be removed.

There are microscope lenses for the HQ camera that might do the trick:

Let us know if this spurs more questions :slight_smile:


Thanks James. That seems the go. Buy a HQ camera and risk it to have a go at removing the IR filter. fit the macro lens.