Spark fun sunny buddy

Hello, can the sunny buddy be increased to 1amp charging? what is it’s max?. And can it be used with Lithium ion batteries as well as Lithium polymer? the Linear technology sheet says it can however the spark fun sheet seems to contradict this?.
I have a 6v 9w panel and a 13ah lithium ion battery powering a pi3 and two sensor packs. i will be adding sleepy pi to this setup.
urgently need some answers to get this running.


Hey John,

Using the information in the sunny buddy schematic it my possible that you could increase the charging current by using a .18 ohm sen_resistor that should give you the output curent you want(all disclaimers about overcurrenting devices apply here). If you want to work out other output currents you can get it with R_SEN = 0.1/(Ichg*(0.1/R1)) where Ichg is the charge current and R1 is a .22ohm resistor.