Square Force-Sensitive Resistor (FSR) - Interlink 406 (ADA1075)

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FSRs are sensors that allow you to detect physical pressure, squeezing and weight. They are simple to use and low cost. This sensor is a Interlink model 406 FSR … read more

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can I know if your product can detect pressure and relative weight of the presence of a wooden pallet over it?

Hi Karim,

The short answer is no, this would not be suitable for that.

The long answer is that these shouldn’t be subjected to extreme weights (over 5kg), and they aren’t very accurate for weight measurement.

from the product description “These sensors are fairly low cost, and easy to use but they’re rarely accurate. They also vary some from sensor to sensor perhaps 10%. So basically when you use FSRs you should only expect to get ranges of response. While FSRs can detect weight, they’re a bad choice for detecting exactly how many pounds of weight are on them.”