SSD1306 OLED draw commands available

In your demo I noticed that drawing a circle and arc needs to be added.
ie circle and filled circle, arc

display.triangle is not a command. Does this need to be updated in the PiicoDev_SSD1306 driver as well as filled triangle as is available with some other displays.

setContrast - is this a useable command? ie can it be used to make Bold or blinking text?

On Pico using MicroPy trying to add icons, emojis to an OLED SSD1306 screen. It appears easier with Arduino or with Pi. Is there a way to do this with current Pico setup.
I am trying to use Framebuf, Bytearrays to display images.
I can do this with pictures but not small icons. Also the Ascii char set range is only 27 - 126?
eg: thermometer, wireless, … (1.3 KB)

Hi Steffan, Cheers for the feedback!

Did you mean that the circle and arc commands present in the library should be documented in the guide/video?

The good thing about open-source code is that if you write a simple wrapper function around 3 line() calls, you can fork the repository, add it, and request a merge, when our engineers get a chance to review your code, it’ll be there for everyone to use :slight_smile:

According to the datasheet, this sets the contrast for the whole display, so aside from blinking the whole display this wouldn’t have much use. The SSD series has some grayscale drivers in it that could be used to this effect:

Just check there’s a MicroPython library for it.

Are you using the blit() command?

Looks like various python modules like Numpy, Mathplotlib and Turtle not available for the pico. Though there appears an alternative to NumPy in using uLab. But I am not able to workout how to install uLab.
Have worked through framebuf for loading icons / emojis
For charting and dials(bar, column, pie charts and speedo dials) using rectangles, circles, rotating lines and arcs.

Have discovered another alternative is to use Pico W and Pyscript in HTML to access Matplotlib and Numpy for better graphics.