New video by Michael; PiicoDev OLED Module SSD1306 | Raspberry Pi Guide

New video! Let’s experiment with the PiicoDev OLED Module! We’ll connect our OLED to a Raspberry Pi and run some examples for drawing shapes, text, fancy graphs and we’ll even bring in a motion sensor for a fun remix at the end.

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Waiting delivery of this product; have been looking into how it will integrate it into version 3 of my Environment Monitor as part of the replacement of the Pimoroni Enviro+ board. It will be used to display text, which will need to be read from about a metre or so away.

The built in font, IMHO is too small; maybe when I was a teenager I could have read it but not now. Looking into the driver code the font file is hard coded (which is pointed out in a different video) and is not scalable. It is a pretty simple pixel map of 8x8 ASCII characters from 32 to 127.

I have used Adafruit SSD1306 modules and their library works very well with true type fonts and scalability.

Is there any plan to update the driver to use true type fonts ??
(probably not as the driver is trying to cover 3 platforms and already is quite large)

Would the PiicoDev device work with the Aradfruit library ??
( I think it should )

Today I implemented Adafruit 128x32 OLED into the project, 2 lines of 14 characters worked ok. Doubling the height I should get 4 lines of 14 characters, which would be nice. Not the same resolution as the Pimoroni colour display, 160x80, but good enough. My aim is to use as many of the PiicoDev modules as I can in the environment monitor and have the same web interface.

Anyway, hanging out till Aust Post does it job, LOL