SSR-40 DA , Solid State Relay

I recently purchased a SSR-40 DA Solid State Relay which I am having difficulties with.
I have a 24v AC input connected through a bridge rectifier to convert the input to DC. This seems to be operating okay as the LED on the SSR switches on and off accordingly.
For some reason. I cannot get the switch contact to close with a 240v AC supply which is only switching two 240v to 24v transformers.
Please advise.


the math says and if if you have set the power supply up with filter capacitors that the D.C supply will be 33.6 volt`s…and if you dont have filter capacitors the voltage may be have to much ripple in the line causeing the relay a problem… …you may need to regulate the power supply…if from what i have looked at your relay is 3-32 volt power supply control side …

this may be an issue …

the relay may be faulty…???

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Hi Brian,
If I were to use a 12v AC input connected through the bridge rectifier with filter capacitors, what would the DC supply voltage be then?

yes… that should be ok…at least that should rule out the power supply side of things… you need 2000uf per amp so a 3300 25 volt electrolytic

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