10A 24V DPDT Cradle Relay (CE07458)

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High power DPDT relay suitable for switching loads up to 10A. Designed to suit the SY-4064 DIN rail mounting cradle.

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What’s the minimum switching voltage? Will 5V DC be enough to activate the relay?

I have a PC which controls a lighting system, but the lighting system is powered by a separate supply (maximum power draw from the lights is 5V, 10A) and I need the power to the lights to cut when the PC is off. So I’m trying to use power from a USB port to activate a relay to connect power to the lights, only when the PC is turned on.

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Hi Lachlan
The heading for the part suggests operating voltage to be 24V but the info on Core web site does not specify that. With a coil resistance of 640Ω I think it may be 24V as 5V would only be about 8mA, way not enough to operate this type of relay. The pic looks similar to the Omoron LY series which may yield some clues as to minimum (must operate) operating voltage.
Cheers Bob.
PS: For Core… Sometimes nice to have the whole picture.

EDIT: the coil resistance of 640Ω and max coil power of 900mW equates to 24V

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Hi Bob,

Thanks for your help, I ended up finding a more suitable relay which was clearer on the specs. I’d rather not take the risk with this one.


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