4 Channel Solid State Relay Module (CE05340)

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This breakout module gives you access to a 4 channel solid state relay that can be switched with 3-5VDC 

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hi guys,

is there a din rail mount case for 4 channel solid state relay module, if not do have any other solution

thanks peter


Could we get pin schematics for this relay? Also, is this relay compatible with and can use all 4 channels with a pi zero W?


Hi all
Although the Core blurb states “AC loads only” it would not hurt to emphasise the fact that the relays WILL NOT switch DC loads.
The reason being that most of this type of relay switches at the “zero crossing” point, that is when the AC voltage crosses zero volts. DC will never cross zero volts so will never switch. Some relays switch at any time and I haven’t looked up the specs on this particular type (actual type not quoted and there are many hundreds of Omron relays) but as it is quoted as AC only I am assuming they are the zero crossing type.
Cheers Bob

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Hi All,

I inspected a board from our stock, and the SSRs on the board are Omron G3MB-202P (Datasheet).

I’ve marked this on our To-Do list to add that information to our product page