Stand alone Raspberry Pi Bluetooth, Audio Streamer, Dolby/DTS decoder DAC for stereo amplifiers

Hi, I have a question about the DFRobot DAC Audio Decoder Board for Raspberry Pi 3B+/ 4B
SKU: DFR0941. It replaces the DFRobot Expansion Shield x600 for Raspberry Pi B+/2B/3B/4B (Discontinued) SKU:DFR0450, which could decode and playback Dolby and DTS formats through analogue RCA stereo outputs. Can this do the same using a Raspberry Pi. My plan is to share a project where I build a hifi stereo valve amplifier (already in progress), and add a stand alone Raspberry Pi Bluetooth, Digital Service Audio Streamer, and Dolby/DTS decoder DAC, with touch screen interface to the amp. Any stereo amp really, a nice way to recycle old amplifiers for modern applications. Possibly adding a remote control, or smart phone connectivity.

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That DAC chip seems to only support PCM audio, so you’d have to rely on software on the Pi to do this, like Kodi or the like.