Starting off audio-recording & playing business

Hey there,

I have stumbled across the ‘core’ webpage after hours of looking for someone to help…

Would like to start off by saying I have no idea on anything this website has to offer - like nothing! I am wanting to start a business off audio-recordings, so I am throwing myself into the deep end and starting here.

I got married a couple of months ago, and we had an audio guest book. If you google ‘at the beep’ you’ll understand what I mean. I have since purchased a phone, and watched a couple of youtube tutorials on Teensy Audino and how to set it up - but would someone be willing to help me with this?

Ideally I’d love to grow the company so it would offer:

  • Audio guest book for weddings / funerals / special occasions
    This is where you would have an audio input, recording what people are saying, and would just need to convert it and place in a dropbox file to send to the participant (for example).
  • Teddy for newborn
    A recording created at a baby shower etc, which is then placed inside a teddy bear / special momento. So something that is recorded, then a speaker is placed inside a stuffed animal or something significant.

As I said, I have no idea on any of these things, hence giving the outcome I am wanting and hopefully we can work backwards from that.

Looking for any form of help, advice or tips that would be useful moving forward.

Even if someone is able to create the devices for me, I am happy to pay for a live tutorial and learn how to do it myself.

Thank you in advance,

I think the second project needs an e-textile expert to accomplish. Recording sound/voice with Arduino is not difficult. The main challenge is to make it compact and accommodate that inside a toy. I hope somebody who can deliver a complete product to you, will come forward. If you find no response worthwhile here, you can post your requirement to the common freelancing platforms.

Your second idea is very accessible to a beginner. Here is an example project:

This is a suitable playback module:

You would need to consider how it would be turned on and off. A switch hidden under the outer covering is possible (technically, ‘SPDT Latching’):

Or perhaps a switch activated by a magnet. The magnet could be concealed in something attached to the bear, or if he’s flexible enough, in a paw:

To play more than one track you could use multiple switches, or drive it from a controller.

A controller will need a power source and recharger: You could go with a wireless recharger, but the advantage of using a bear is that the recharging port could be hidden in the fur:

And for the controller you have a large array of options. The simplest is a small Arduino:

but the RPi pico is also a option.


WOW! You are so educated in this - thank you SO MUCH!!

What would you recommend for the audio guest book element? Like the telephone where people leave messages, so it is picked up and put down multiple times. And then saved to a computer, transferred to a USB for a keepsake.