Do You Sell Such a Device?

I saw a YouTube video with a Core guy named “Sam”. He was demonstrating a product that sounds like it does what I need. I am looking for a piece of equipment on which I could record, say (for the sake of example), 20 different sound bites/sentences. I would then want these sound bites to play back (presumably through an imbedded speaker in the device) in the SAME SEQUENCE in which I recorded them. But I want the ability (presumably through a push-button remote) to cause each of these various sound bites to play back (again, in the exact sequence in which I recorded them) at the exact moment I choose (by pressing the remote). Do you have, or know of, a device that could do that?

Something like this?

Lol. If I could understand what that says, I might be able to respond. Thanks anyway, Graham. But I see that’s a circuit board, not a finished product, anyway. I’m just a layman trying to solve a one-off problem.

It basically lets you put sound files onto an SD card and then play them back when buttons are pressed :slight_smile:

I guess what would make your project even easier, is putting all the sounds into the same file, which is played when the linked button is pressed.

Thanks. The problem is that I don’t want all the sounds to play automatically. I need to be able to press a remote button at the very moment I want the first sound bite to play. And then, whether it’s 15 seconds later or 45 seconds later (or whatever) I need to press a remote to cause the next sound bite to play. And the timing may change each time I do this, so that’s why I need to be able to play each individual sound bite (via remote) exactly at the right moment. Years ago, I bought a “fart machine” that would make a fart sound each time I pushed a remote. That’s essentially what I need now, although instead of fart noises, I need spoken lines from Shakespeare to play when I press the remote, and they have to play in sequence and at the exact moment I need them to play. Because I’ll be Romeo and I’ll be speaking to Juliet (I’m an actor).

Oh, well with a bit of code that could be changed :slight_smile:

What if you just use an el’cheap CD player that has a remote? If each audio track (burnt onto a CD, or on a USB drive) had 2-3 minutes of “nothing” at the end of it, you would have plenty of time to press “next” on the remote to near-instantly play it.

If there were any lag, you could get a feel for it and work around it (press next a little earlier).

No coding, and sub $100 solution (that includes speakers / line out / etc)

Hmmm… let me think on that. Thanks!