New project help

Hi Guys,

My name is Daniel and I’m new to this forum and electronics but wanting to learn. I have acquired a Teddy Ruxpin from the 80’s that I’d like to bring in to the 21st century to fix up for my niece. I would like to do away with the original tape player and hopefully run it from MP3 or WAV files. There is a couple of videos on youtube showing how to do this.

Weekend Project: Hack a Talking Teddy Bear with a $9 Computer - YouTube

The first one uses something called a C.H.I.P. board which looks like is no longer available. My question is is the are an alternative to this that would also work? Also it uses something called a “H bridge motor” and I was wondering if that was something still available to buy?

Like I said I’m new to this so I’m open to any other suggestions or opinions I’m just happy to try and learn and give this a crack.



I’m really surprised to see so many components stuffed inside on ordinary teddy bear. Thanks for sharing.