Stepper motor with integrated threaded rod

For an industrial application I am in need of the following stepper solution.

4x Stepper motor with threaded rod. Diameter ideally 20mm but availability (in NEMA 17) seems to be limited to 8mm(M8). Length/height about 350mm. Torque demand max 3Nm. Speed is not crucial for the application and can be standard. Precision (positioning) is important, though not specified yet.
4x Stepper motor drive (preferably with a cover, mountable in an electrical enclosure)
Power Supply AC/DC suited on the driver requirements also to be mounted in an enclosure.
Required cables between drive and motor.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Omed,

Our range isn’t great in that respect, as you tend to need to get up to NEMA 34 or a bit smaller to hit that 3Nm torque figure.

I’d suggest looking towards an automation-specific retailer like OMC as they have a super wide range of motors, lead screws and nuts, and integrated ones like you were after:

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The below nema 34 from STEPPERONLINE might be suitable.

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