Tower Crane: Nema 8 Geared stepper motor 50:1 ish

Welp, the nature of the beast. It seems every step I choose to make is a hard one. I cannot find a supplier to sell me two planetary geared Nema 8 stepper motors with a ratio of around 50 to one. They are small but powerful enough to move a light trolley out or in on the booms of the crane project. Any suggestions welcomed.


Hey Geoffrey,

I believe that we had a conversation about this recently, unfortunately to my knowledge Core Electronics doesn’t carry NEMA8 with a gearbox attached. The only NEMA size 8 I was able to find was this stepper (the torque would likely be way too low for your application):

There’ll be some other suppliers online that would likely have this motor with a gearbox suitable to get the kind of torque you’d need to move the trolley, although if it’s just precision control that you’re after with a decent amount of kick, I’d suggest looking through the specs of some continuos rotation servo motors too of similar size. You’ll likely want metal gear so that they don’t wear so quickly over time, but the kind of servos used for RC and similar projects tend to be quite impressively powerful: