Stepping Motor

My stepping Motor on my Pizza Oven is not working. I am looking for a replacement stepping motor.

Hi Mark,

Here’s the product page straight from the number on the motor:

Her is what they suggest as an alternative:

The only catch is that the alternative is rated for less voltage, but a higher current. This means your pizza oven has to have current limiting or else the 6V will burn out the replacement motor.

Are you able to tell us more about the electronics of your oven? Have you contacted the manufacturer for info on this? Or whether they can supply you with an exact replacement?:


Hi James, thank you, the manufacturer Starline no longer exists. Stoddard have purchased the previous company (Starline) but have changed the design completely and seem not to have compatible parts available.

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The stepping motor attaches to this control board

Hi Mark,

It looks like discreet MOSFETs are driving the stepper, but I’m not sure whether there’s an IC capable of current limiting in there too. Are you able to get a shot of the center of the board? Seems awkward to get to, but it’d help a lot in our recommendation. Are you able to measure the outputs of the motor driver while it is in a condition where the motor would be stationary?

Maybe you could use a current limiting driver to make use of the newer motor :thinking:

Unsure where to go on this one just yet :frowning:

Hi Mark.
It looks like your stepper has 8 wires and 4 of these are connected in pairs so is connected essentially as a 6 wire unit. The 8 wires are provided for greater flexibility (RS splurge).Connections are probably like this.
so James’ post directly above is probably the way to go. You will either have to search for a close replacement or determine just how the board does the driving. Even though RS has discontinued this motor the data sheet is still available on the entry for this motor here
Cheers Bob
PS: On the that the above circuit is indeed how your motor is connected you could use a 6 wire motor as long as the other parameters are met.

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