Stop Raspberri Pi Timeout To Black Screen


Just spoke with Graham on the phone and he suggested posting this up in here and hopefully Sam would see it.

I am running a Raspberry Pi in my office for the sole purpose to run Google Analytics to show me visitors on my site and what is being viewed etc…

I am having the issue currently that after a certain amount of time the screen goes black (similar to a screensaver on a WIN PC) meaning I have to move the mouse to load it back up (something I don’t want to do as it is meant to be a set and forget setup in my office).

Graham told me that there is a work-around for this, as well as he suggested setting it up so when it boots it loads straight to Google Analytics full screen, and it reboots hourly to refresh the ram.

If you can help me out with this it would be great thanks



Hi Jack,

You’ve just missed Sam, although he’ll be back first thing on Monday and we’ll share those insights with you. Hold onto your hat!

Hi Jack,

Assuming you’re using the latest version of Raspbian, the general flow is as follows:

Use the LXDE to autostart chromium on boot (again, this is only valid for the latest version of Raspbian as older versions used the local directory). This folder is where you can run items from boot, and also disable the screen saver as mentioned in this discussion thread. (there are various ways to do it, each with their pros and cons, but xset usually works well).

Using the @ symbol for on boot, you can run chromium, choose to enter kiosk (full screen mode), disable error messages, use incognito etc…

The best way that I found was to have a script which opens chromium, rather than running the command directly from the LXDE (as will be apparent further down).

Then, as you mentioned, rebooting frequently can be quite useful, so I wrote a simple script which killed all open instances of Chromium, and then ran the chromium startup script again. I targetted this script from the Crontab tool which you can get to from the terminal by using crontab -e. I set this to reboot on every hour, but you can set it to run however frequently you wish.