SubmersiblePump and arduino

This is where I am up to in my build. Have Uno displaying soil moisture and ultrasonic in water bucket. Searching for weeks how to connect submersible pond pump. Have a relay and 12v adapter , do I need a shield To protect Uno? Or a micro motor controller? I have read about? Just don’t know what to get to makemotor work. Should I have a shield for the lcd?

Glad to see you are progressing with your project. :smiley:

Please add links for the components you are using when posting. It makes it sooooo much easier to answer your questions.You should not require a motor driver, but a relay coil is big inductor, and the voltages generated when the relay is switched can damage the Arduino. Either use a relay shield, or ensure that the Arduino is protected from these large voltage spikes.

The output of the relay controls the on/off state and voltage to the pump motor.

In the meantime, the tutorial on Arduino s and relays might help.

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