Mute Sounds Mini Submersible Pump DC 3V-5V (CE05345)

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This small water pump is submersible, runs on 3-4.5VDC and can move 100 Liters per hour. Perfect for small projects where you need to get water from A to B.

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Hi, I recently purchased a mini submersible pump. Arrived within two days, thank you! I want to set up cat water fountain! However, I am a novice when it comes to electronic! I have a ceramic bowl for the vessel, but I’m unsure how to set the whole thing up! Could you please assist by heading me in the right direction? Thanks Rob

Hey Robert,

I know we handled this one over the phone this morning, if you need anymore help it’d be great to pop questions up on here so other makers can use the advice in future!

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We bought a water pump CEO5345 which my son is connecting to arduino uno board as part of a science project. Is there a simple way to test the pump standalone?

Its OK - I worked it out using a 9V rectangular battery with terminals beside each other.

Hey Tony,

You’re right, any DC supply within the rated voltage should do the trick, although I’d be careful running one of these motors off a 9VDC source as it may burn it out if there exists any load or continuously used for a short period of time. Also, the maximum power output of the Arduino Uno is 5VDC at 40mA which is 0.2W, which falls short of the 0.36W required by this pump at full load running at 5VDC. The quickest and least expensive fix to get around this is to throw in a H-Bridge or motor driver to isolate the Arduino’s outputs from the power to your motor such as that which I’ve linked below (it has pre-soldered headers so it should be easier to wire up or insert into a breadboard, although it will be a tight fit).

Please let us know if there’s anything else that we can do for you, all the best with the project! :grin: