Suitable parts for simple pinball machine


I’m building my son a pinball machine and hoping you may be able to help me out with a few parts.

I’m looking at your push / pull solenoids SKU: ADA413 for flipper control.
Do you have a variable resistor suitable to control the force of the solenoid activation?

2 Momentary push buttons to control the flippers.

A rocker switch with dual contacts for main on/off switch.

One contact switching 12volt for flipper solenoids, one set of contacts for sound and lighting (possibly 9 volt circuit)

10 Small soft touch dual contact (4 leg) push on / push off switches

10 Small soft touch single contact momentary switches.

10mm LED’s with holders
4 red & 4 green

Segment light strips
SKU: ADA1815
Do you have something similar using 2 wires to activate?
Ideally illuminating each light segment sequentially once power is connected.



Hey Darrin,

Welcome to the forum! Awesome project.

At the moment I’m doing some research so I can get back to you with the best answer and a comprehensive list of parts.


Hello Darrin,

What an interesting project! Do you currently have a microcontroller in mind that you’d like to control everything with? Or are you hooking up all of the sound and lighting on individual circuits instead? Also, I thought you may be interested in this video, Ben Heck does some pretty amazing projects and this one seems to be exactly what you’re trying to setup although it is getting a bit older now, he may have some newer revisions up to that you’d be interested in.

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Hey Bryce

Thanks for the link. But I’m planning a much simpler style of project.

No microcontroller, just individual circuits.

Basic concept being a small 12 volt battery to run the flippers.

Possibly a 9 volt battery to run the lighting, and I’ve ordered a small handheld sound effect device. Which has its own battery pack.

I’m after soft touch single contact momentary switches for ball targets to activate sounds when hit.
And dual contact push on / push off switches for ball targets that when hit, one set of contacts turn on an LED, then the second set of contact so the same targets can be wired on series so that once all targets are hit, then the completed circuit will activate the winning sound effect.


Hey Bryce

Do you have any switches similar to these but NOT momentary?
Push once - ON
Push again - OFF



Tactile Button switch (6mm) x 20 pack



Hey Darrin,

Unfortunately not as far as I’m aware. However, you should be able to use this breakout to achieve the exact same effect using one of those tactile switches.

Great, thanks Bryce


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