Super Capacitor - 2.5V 630 Farad (ADA1885)

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When I was studying power supply electronics in school, the instructor always talked about adding BFC’s to the circuit - Big Freakin’ Capacitors. This here is UHFC … read more

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Do you have a charging circuit for the super capacitor?


Hi Scott, I believe we spoke on the phone about this today. Unfortunately, we don’t have a charging circuit for these - I have noted it down as a suggested item for us to stock in future so thank you for that.

If you were looking for more Super Capacitors in stock we also have a 100F version (though it may not be large enough for your purposes):


If you don’t need minimum charge time (and efficiency isn’t too critical, say if you’re charging from a mains connected DC power supply) a resistor is always pretty effective. It’ll approach your source voltage asymptotically that way.


Just check your resistor can handle the heat - Power rating will need to be at least V*I Watts. You may need a power resistor:

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