Superheterodyne wireless transceiver module 315MHz 433MHz (SS114992733)

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“Superheterodyne wireless transceiver module 315MHz 433MHz”

This is a complete wireless transmitting and receiving the kit, which can be applied to simple data wireless transmission, wireless remote control, anti-theft alarm system, etc. The kit is composed of ASK transmitter and receiver modules with superior performance and low cost. The carrier frequency can be 315MHz or 433MHz.

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Does the “Superheterodyne wireless transceiver module 315MHz 433MHz” have two way communication?

Hi Jack,

I don’t believe these are bi-directional.

What are you wanting to use them for? What kind of range and data rate do you need? We may be able to suggest a good alternative.


I found this module superior to the cheaper alternatives - even without attached antenna the range was much greater.

I am not aware of any way to use this with a Pico, which is a shame; a radiohead-compatible micropython library would be good. I think the efforts that are there rely on more complex devices with I2C/SPI support.