Swapped X &Y axes

I was hoping someone might be able to help me.
I installed a MicroSwiss direct drive extruder and hot end on my Ender3 Pro printer and in applying some G-code commands to change the steps/mm to 130mm And re-align the home position of the print head, I have somehow swapped the X and Y axes of the head travel.
I am a bit of a newbie, so I’m not sure my explanation/terminology is correct, but if anyone who maybe be able to help needs additional details please ask. Thanks in advance for any assistance.


Hi Simon,

Welcome to the forum!!

A couple of points to check would be the Gcode and your wiring.

Debugging your GCode: My goto method of debugging printers is by using Pronterface or if you have an OctoPi instance setup you can send your printer Gcode commands via the terminal.

Wiring: If you open up the bottom panel of your printer with the alan keys provided you’ll be able to see each of the sets of wires - comparing the labels on the ends and a reference photo ought to that checked off the list of possible issues.

Let us know how you go!