Swaying Food dish

Hi. I have no electronic experience. I want to build a bird feeding dish that sways back and forth gently. It will contain water. Approximately 10-20cm wide. Ideally any dish could be used so maybe the dish sits on top of a vibrating plate. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks

It depends on how complicated you want to get. This device will rock a servo back and forth at about 2s per cycle. Plug a battery in one end, and connect the servo to the dish on some sort of flexible mount, and it’s done.

Once you have the servo and disk set up, you could upgrade to an Arduino to drive the servo so you could write code to make the disk behave exactly how you want.

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Hey Leanne,

As Jeff mentioned above, a servo would be a great idea here, as they operate much slower than a motor and can be controlled accurately.

Unfortunately, we don’t stock that servo tester/driver but we have tonnes of options to get it up and running by other means. Check out this tutorial here for the basics!

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Thank you so much for your suggestion. I will look at the tutorial posted below. Many thanks

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