Switch pin connection - Solder only?

Hi everyone,
I am using this switch on a project with a class that I have at school. As you can see the pins on the switch have a small hole which we twist the wires through and then solder. It can be quite fiddly for some students, and I was wondering if there is a quick ‘clip-on’ type connector that will attach to the pins to remove the need for soldering here? Any help is greatly appreciated!


You might find a spade connector is appropriate eg PRT-14424

These come with their own caveat - criming the connector requires a dedicated tool and is quite fiddly in itself.

Perhaps alligator clips are the easiest solution?


Hi All
These spades are 2.8mm and according to the drawing supplied the switch tabs are 3.2mm. A bit of a tight squeeze.

I believe I have seen spades used on these types of switch but the connectors on this particular switch don’t seem long enough. Anyway they are usually very tight and can be very difficult to remove with a risk of damage (broken pin maybe). Alligator clips as suggested or more research required.
Cheers Bob
PS I thing there were wires with small hook type connections mentioned here a short time ago. Maybe they would be suitable to hook into the hole.


Hi Robert, Shaun

I think these were the ones you’re thinking about:

In the same vein, simple alligator clips may work well too as long as the lugs on the switch aren’t too small:


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Hi James
Yes that is them.
Cheers Bob

Thanks for all the help everyone, I really appreciate it! Ill look into those suggestions and see how I go! Again, thank you :slight_smile: