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I have attached a photo of a slide switch I would like to find. The image pretty much shows it all and while it is easy to find SPDT slide switches I have been unsuccesful in finding one with the mounting tabs this one has. I have searched Mouser and Digi Key and also Core, RS Components and Element 14 but so far no success. To give some ideas this one is 12.2mm wide overall and the mounting tabs are integral with the metal housing.
I am hoping someone may have come across something similar.


Hi Leslie
Used to be a bit of a saying once "If Farnell (Element 14) haven’t got it it hasn’t been invented yet. I don’t think this could be possibly true these days but in general between tham and RS they cover a vast collection.

I have seen a lot of slide switches but this one has unusually long legs and large mounting tabs. Do they have to be this long? That switch looks new or is that solder on the tips of the legs and mounting tabs. It looks like it stands off a board or mounts through something if they are normally that long.

Sory I can’t be more help here but someone may have seen something like this somewhere.
Cheers Bob
PS Do you want SPDT. The thread heading says SPST.

Hi Robert and thank you for the comments. For my purposes the legs and mounts dont need to be the 25mm length this switch has but around 15mm would be great for me. Because the switch mounts on a veroboard that has other items on and the switch toggle needs to project through an opening and be stable i thought this was a good solution but only if i can find one. I have a switch with 15mm connectors and that sort of works just not as firmly placed as i would like. I may just have to redesign the mounts 3d model to suit what i have.

The heading is correct spst is what i want not spdt-my mistake.

you can buy slide switches that have the 3 pins long reach just browse spdt slide long reach pins on the web…or look through your junk box if you have one often found in older tape decks or similar try electronic junkyards…

Slide Switches

. It’s what’s known as a SPDT switch, this stands for Single Pole Double Throw. All this means is that the switch is a change-over switch; it can electrically connect the common pin in the middle to one of the two other pins.

Slide switch

where by spst in general slide action switches only have 2 pins they can be double throw in general when it comes to slide but will only have 2 pins…spdt have 3 pins

…pictured above is spdt 3 pin.. gets confusing.

but push button type often have many or just a single pole…a single action to push on hold action latching is another story or you may know it as push on push of…thus this is not momentary but still a spst only has 2 pins… most common in momentary action…
where by the the input is the single pole or input pin center pin in the case of spst and can also have
several pols ore just one pole.2pst and 3pst etc.

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