TB6600 Drivers Tested?

Hi. Are the TB6600 drivers tested before they are shipped?

I had a bad experience with the DM332T drivers. They replaced
drivers several times but they were still failing and I lost a lot of time.


Hi Dd,

We don’t perform any in-house testing of components with the exception of returned products or items with minor damage from shipping, as we only redistribute locally. However, if there’s any issues with your parts please let us know at support@coreelectronics.com.au and we’ll sort it out for you right away. Have a great day!

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Ok, good enough. I’ll place my order.


U don’t ship to abroad?

I am in Israel. I will pay courier

Hi @Dd126965

If you don’t have a local supplier, try ordering directly from the manufacturer. For the tb6600 drivers, that would be dfrobot.com

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Hi Dd,

Sorry we currently only ship to customers in Australia and New Zealand. While we may one day become the go to company for makers everywhere, we don’t yet have the resources to manage international order shipping and legislation.

Robin’s suggestion to go direct to DFRobot in this case is a good one, although Israel has a pretty good electronics manufacturing industry so I’d be surprised if you can’t source something locally.

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