International Shipping

Dear Core Electronics Team

I am aware in the past you have only been able to ship to Australia and New Zealand - but I believe that you may have plans of being able to soon ship to international destinations.

Is there any news following on from the web site upgrade?

(I did send an email a quote request for shipping to the UK last week, but so far have only had the ticket number reply message)

Thank You

Hi Victor,

I’m not aware of any plans to introduce shipping to any additional countries at this time.

Hi Trent,

Thank you for the update…

A follow on question would be, therefore, are there any plans for a partnership with a UK/EU distributor?

Within the UK I have used Cool Components and Pi-Hut; both with reasonable prices for goods that originate from overseas – short delivery times – and excellent customer support.

(Other UK re-sellers I have used, in my experience, were unfortunately far less responsive, especially for technical support queries)

An important aspect of accessing parts as a hobbyist maker – are the incompatibilities one often finds when doing a pick-and-mix from different vendors – particularly with different software platforms and drivers that therefore don’t work together within a single system.

Given the growing range of PiicoDev, GlowBit and MakerVerse product lines – and the excellent video tutorials, on-line how-to sheets and full software and hardware documentation - Core Electronics has one of the best solutions for makers.


Hi Victor,

International shipping is definitely in the pipeline! Unfortunately there isn’t an ETA at the moment.

We fully understand there is a requirement for documentation for parts :smiley: It’s the key to making your project shine!
Thank you very much for the kind words, I’ll let our Engineering team know!


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