International Shipping

Dear Core Electronics Team

I am aware in the past you have only been able to ship to Australia and New Zealand - but I believe that you may have plans of being able to soon ship to international destinations.

Is there any news following on from the web site upgrade?

(I did send an email a quote request for shipping to the UK last week, but so far have only had the ticket number reply message)

Thank You

Hi Victor,

I’m not aware of any plans to introduce shipping to any additional countries at this time.

Hi Trent,

Thank you for the update…

A follow on question would be, therefore, are there any plans for a partnership with a UK/EU distributor?

Within the UK I have used Cool Components and Pi-Hut; both with reasonable prices for goods that originate from overseas – short delivery times – and excellent customer support.

(Other UK re-sellers I have used, in my experience, were unfortunately far less responsive, especially for technical support queries)

An important aspect of accessing parts as a hobbyist maker – are the incompatibilities one often finds when doing a pick-and-mix from different vendors – particularly with different software platforms and drivers that therefore don’t work together within a single system.

Given the growing range of PiicoDev, GlowBit and MakerVerse product lines – and the excellent video tutorials, on-line how-to sheets and full software and hardware documentation - Core Electronics has one of the best solutions for makers.


Hi Victor,

International shipping is definitely in the pipeline! Unfortunately there isn’t an ETA at the moment.

We fully understand there is a requirement for documentation for parts :smiley: It’s the key to making your project shine!
Thank you very much for the kind words, I’ll let our Engineering team know!



Only just found this stuff now and I wish it was easier to get in Ireland haha

legit can’t find it anywhere except here and that pico timer hat is amazing lol

Hey Ben,

Just so you know, we do now have International shipping open with certain limitations. The best way to know if we can ship what you want to order is to make an order up on our site and give it a go!



I have used the International Orders with Core Electronics from the UK when the online shop was first opened to more than Australia and New Zealand. Once you have created an account and select a postal address for delivery etc. the process is very easy - very rapid confirmation of order - with full tracking even with the lowest cost delivery method - where orders have so far arrived quicker than the initial estimates.

With the (for me) GBP AUD exchange rate the price of items is far better than equivalent products I could have purchased in the UK and the international shipping does not add a significant amount if you make up your wish list over time.

The added value of buying from Core is that one is using a single supplier for a coordinated set of products - with a very responsive customer support and amazing documentation, tutorials, videos and Micropython software support - which makes my life as a newbie maker far easier than if I was mixing and matching from different vendors. Plus the forums where others quickly help when things don’t go to plan.

Worth its weight in gold :blush:


I’ll get a list made up in the next week or so then


I’m from AUS, but I agree that the CE original products blow other solutions by SparkFun etc. out of the water. The documentation and cross-platform compatibility is excellent.