Teensy 4 / 4.1 Powering from another

Hey Guys,

I’m trying to power a “master” teensy (T4.1) and a slave (T4.0) from the one USB connection. If I connect the VIN and ground pin between the 2 is the 4.1 able to supply enough current to run both and possibly a few 745h595’s and Led’s??

What’s the current max? below is what I’m thinking.

Hi Dylan,

In principle, yes that should work. The 5V rail (marked Vin on the Schematic) is wired straight from the USB port:

That said, you’ll want to be very careful about doing this. Don’t connect a USB cable to the other Teensy while you have this wired up (and unless you’re absolutely certain their on the same +5v rail internally) or you’ll damage something - whether that’s your Teensy, Computer, or something else.

You could cut the PCB trace on your second Teensy to separate the two, but it means it will no longer be able to powered via USB.

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