TEE1010 Part 1 - Testing - A FCB1010 rebuild with a Teensy 4.1

I’m going to rebuild an FCB1010 into something that is more capable. To do this I am going to gut the internals and install a Teensy 4.1 and Teensy Audio card. I have delusions of it working like a bass pedal, MIDI sequencer and/or drum machine. But… Will a 5V internal set up work with the 3.3V of the Teensy 4.1. In this video I test the Expression Pedals and Switches. I am mostly concerned with the 5V LED setup used for the Expression Pedals. Got any good ideas?



Hi John
Will the Teensy 3.5 do the job ? I note the GP I/O pins are 5V tolerant.
Cheers Bob

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Probably, but the 4.1 is way faster and I want it to do a lot. Thanks for your help.

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