Telstra Smart Router V2 DNS lock down

Hey guys, just having a discussion about Telstra smart routers adding custom DNS to it for a Pi-Hole server.

Wondering if anyone has an idea on how to unlock this functionality on the router. And if not a good workaround for this solution. If we manually a custom DNS on individual devices can we get that to work outside the network?

Also in addition - For the DNS to work outside the netowork how is this achieved?

You will need to open a port and setup port forwarding rules to point to your pi. The router should still have these settings unlocked.

Port forwarding is normally for external traffic, ports internal to your network should already be open. I tend to avoid opening up ports unless absolutely needed as it just creates another security hole.
These locked down ISP routers are the main reason I moved away from using those type of devices. I much prefer sometime I can truly own and manage myself in my network.

While this is a different approach… have you considered disabling the DHCP on the Telstra router and allowing your Pi-Hole to handle your DHCP as well as DNS?

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